MIE 2006
The 20th International Congress of the European Federation for Medical Informatics; August 27 – 30, 2006, Maastricht, Holland – "Technologies For Better Health in Aging Societies"
August 20 – 24, 2007, Brisbane Australia
8th European Health Forum Gastein
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Prof. Dr. George Mihalaş
Prof. Dr. Lăcrămioara Stoicu-Tivadar

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preconference seminar: IT&C MARKET

Thursday, April 6, 2006, 8:30-17:30

09:00–09:30 Opening ceremony - salutations
[chair: G I Mihalas, co-chair: Lacramioara Stoicu-Tivadar]
Zsolt Nagy (Aurel Netin) - MCTI
Eugen Nicolaescu (Virgil Paunescu) - MS
Cristian Vladescu (Vasile Cepoi) - CNAS
Radu Dop - AMR
Dan Bedros - Alcatel
09:30–10:30 Session I
09:30–10:00 David Lubinski - Microsoft
Collaborative Healthcare
10:00–10:30 Claudio Dario, Antonella Beltrame – Treviso Healthcare Trust
NEAR TO NEEDS project: telemedicine via satellite to bridge Italian and Romanian healthcare and educational services
10:30–11:00 Coffee Break
11:00–13:00 Session II [chair: Doina Banciu, co-chair: Ioana Moisil]
11:00–11:30 Dorin Aldescu, Delia Golcea – Alcatel Romania
National Critical Medicine Network (National Traumatology Network) – pilot project
11:30–12:00 Cristina Racoceanu – InfoWorld
Electronic Health Record – DESnet online.
Decontul pe pacient
12:00–12:30 Dan Papuc – Romtelecom
"e" from e-nternet
12:30–13:00 Adina Sprinceana - SAP Romania
Collaborative Health Network
13:00–14:00 Lunch Break
14:00–15:30 Session III [chair: Dan Farcas, co-chair: Vasile Stoicu-Tivadar]
14:00–14:15 Doina Banciu, Adriana Alexandru, Mircea Raureanu - ICI
Innovative Research concerning Products and Services in eHealth
14:15–14:45 Joseph Manfred – Systema, Austria
Integrated Processes and Care Drive Quality Improvements and Cost Reduction in Healthcare
14:45–15:15 Jean-Francois Penciolelli - ORACLE
Oracle HTB - Standards based solution for healthcare IT infrastructures
15:15 – 15:30 Bogdan Popescu – Totalsoft
Charisma Medical Software - Un nou standard in managementul serviciilor medicale
15:30–16:00 Coffee Break
16:00–17:30 Session IV [chair: Pal Kikeli, co-chair: Mariana Bazavan]
16:00–16:15 Gerard Freriks – CEN TC251
Role of Standards in Interoperability
16:15–16:45 Elena Tanase – AIR-IT
MedLink Smart Card Solution
16:45 – 17:15 Radu Leca – Biosign, Canada
Autonomous medical care recorder
17:15–17:30 Virgil Rotaru, Dimitris Baltas, Cristina Dima - Bridgeman
RoPromote a ready-to-use Mainframe for Networking Healthcare Dedicated Ambient Intelligence Systems Providers to FP7

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